Client Testimonials

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“I know it’s what you do, but I want to thank you for absolutely delivering...just as you promised. You truly made the night. I can’t tell you the number of compliments I had throughout the night, but they were along the lines of “great auctioneer”, “really respected the crowd”, “fun and engaging”, “loves how the transition to/from the video was handled”, “best auctioneer ever!”. We learned a lot. Thank you for all of your guidance - I know we will all be stepping up our game for next year. Again, thank you for making our event magnificent.”

“We raised over $90,000 of net proceeds (which is significantly higher than last year’s 75K). The silent auction, live auction and pledge brought in 83% of that. So thank you for your part in that! You will now be able to tell the story that you once sold a dozen cupcakes for $8,000!

“HI Jim- thank you again for a wonderful event. The feedback was amazing. Those from last year said you ‘were even better this year’ and those who have never seen you – many of them from outside the US- where simply fascinated, really enjoying it.”

“Now that the dust has settled, our final numbers are looking really part big thanks to you. Our net was almost $53,000!! Last year our net was $29,000. That's a 76% increase.

“Thanks so much for the awesome job you did at the benefit Tuesday night. No one has ever done a better job for us. I hope you will be available every year in May. Thanks again.”

“Thank you for another wonderful job Saturday evening. The Live Auction raised more than we have at any previous event… I know that you had to work to get the crowd back, and you did so masterfully.”

“I looked back at some detailed notes I had from a meeting with you in May 2014 and it is amazing how that document became an outline for my course of action for the fundraiser. I enjoyed your auctioning style and humor and appreciated how you kept the night on schedule and provided the perfect segue from one part to the next.”

“Thank you very very much for your help Tuesday night. You hit the perfect tone and pace with that group, and while I wasn't surprised, it was a total pleasure to witness. We sent out a post-event survey and many people haves commented favorably on that part of the evening. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

You were wonderful!!
Everyone had a great time... as you drained them of their cash.”

“Sending a very heartfelt thanks for an amazing night last night! We have received so many compliments on our benefit, including how everyone truly enjoyed your work!

Thank you for making last night so much fun. I'm so grateful for the honest guidance and help along the way as well. We can't wait to do it again next year!

If you have any suggestions, comments, critique for next year's event to make it even better, we're all ears!”

“Thanks again for your fine work. Many of the attendees commented to me immediately following the event what an incredible job you did raising funds through the auction. You were humorous, quick on your feet, and made the auction fun for all participants whether they were bidding or not! The result was an incredibly successful fund raising event that exceeded all of our expectations. I'd recommend your services to any charitable organization looking to increase the fundraising impact of their event - with an emphasis on FUN. Your are truly a pro!”

“A week plus later and we’re just starting to see daylight – what a tremendous auction (we had) this year! I just wanted to let you know that I’ve gotten terrific feedback from our attendees regarding this year’s live auction. Our folks really responded to your wit and style! Thank you for bringing your talent...It was a great night! And our (conservative) total is $158,000! Up almost $20k from 2012!

“Can’t thank you enough for a wonderful event and the past year of guidance! With some quick reviews today it appears we raised just about $70K! That is over 20k more than 2010...everyone loved you last night and with that being said please hook us up for same venue for 2014.”

“Though we feel you do a wonderful job every year as our auctioneer...we felt you did an especially exceptional job this year. You have such a beautiful way of eliciting support from our donors … always respectful, entertaining, and with just the right touch. The 14th edition of Signum Fidei was our most successful ever, and I just wanted to say thank you for your efforts in making that possible.

“I have written many recommendations over the years, but I can't think of a person I can recommend more highly than Jim Miller! He worked with our nonprofit before the event, during the event and after the event to plan, implement and assess a successful gala. His input was vital to the successful outcome and his contribution to the evening itself was extraordinary...Jim brought a whole new dimension, set of ideas and energy to our organization and the event. In fact - he became an integral part of the entire evening and we can't wait to work with him again and again and again!

“A big thank you is long over due. Thank you for once again being our Auctioneer. We were once again very successful.”

“Thank you so much for the making the event so special. You did a great job as usual!!!!!!!!!! You add so much to the success of us reaching our goal.

“Just wanted to tell you that everyone in our family is still talking about the $2000 cupcakes from the live auction...I know Abby's cute, but I'm quite sure that we would never have gotten the bidding up that high without your help!”

“THANK YOU -- what a fantastic night. We far exceeded our expectations --- and everyone raved about the auctioneer. I am still euphoric -- initial numbers look like we will net 105-108K. So fantastic.”

“Thanks for a great auction. Live and Fund-A-Need were up from last year! You were spectacular.”

Very rarely do you get more than what you pay for. You are in that category.”

“Everyone has been singing your praises since Saturday night. It was a great source of comfort having you there...I have given your website address to three people already. In all sincerity, we are tremendously grateful for all of the practical ideas and sound advice that you have given to us, since we met you last Spring. In addition, you helped us treat our guests so well on Saturday night, with the incredibly professional and entertaining way that you run a Live Auction.”

“Thank you for your leadership for the 2011 auction. With the changes made to the auction…(you) added excitement for the evening. It's time to kick off the 2012 year. We would like to secure you again for our auctioneer.”

You exceeded my largest and highest expectations and I am known for my incredibly high standards! My heartfelt thanks for a job so very well done and a connection by yourself to the heart and purpose of Lory’s Place. I am thrilled and excited beyond adequate words…You are masterful.”

“We have heard nothing but compliments on our event and our wonderful auctioneer. Our preliminary numbers are good...almost 20K for Fund the Need. Especially since this was the launching of the Fund the Need program! Personally, and I think I speak for all the committee, [this event] was a compete success and in a large part due to having your help. Not just as an auctioneer, but also all the background help; in the auction committee and overall suggestions.”

“THANK YOU!! I didn't catch before you left last night and wanted to let you know you did an amazing job. The room was certainly buzzing...Our initial totals are over $37,000. I am extremely pleased. Thanks again.”

“Just wanted to thank you again for helping to make our auction a big success! Nothing but rave reviews for you. Great working with you - cannot imagine all we could have accomplished had I thought to seek you out ten months earlier!”

“Thank you again for your work on Saturday! I can't tell you how many compliments we received about you.”

“You were really on top of your game and we have had many compliments! We exceeded our estimated goals for the night., Goal was to raise about $85,000 and (ended up) close to $96,000...We also generated more money for send a kid to camp than we ever have almost $25,000! will look like we can double the amount of kids going to camp this year! To make a long story short...THANK YOU!”

“OUTSTANDING would be an understatement! I thought I had seen you at your best somewhere in earlier years at other events, NO, YOU were at your BEST at the ANGEL GOLF SPECTACULAR this year! YOU really were GREAT! ...You were on your "A" game. FLUID, FUNNY, SHARP.... It ALL came together.”

“Thank you so much for the incredible day! The auction profit is just over $254,000. This is a significant increase of 32%. You definitely created the “frenzy” and it shows.”

“Jim, You were the star of the evening! Everyone has been calling telling us that this was the first benefit they have attended that was actually fun. All said that you made the night entertaining and fun. And, Jim, we were successful financially as well. All thanks to you and your expertise.”

I have received numerous phone calls and emails from parents telling us what a great event it was. Many have said it was the best ever...comment(ing) as well, on what a great auctioneer we will take us several days to input the numbers, but the Live auction was significantly above the budget!”

“I had the privilege of working with Jim on a fundraiser this November and found him to be extremely helpful and professional. I would highly recommend him for future events and had complete confidence in his ability...He is flexible and able to handle himself with all types of personalities. I have seen him perform with a National Celebrity and he has a high level of dignity and professionalism. He truly knows his business and is an asset to any organization that hires him”

“Jim came in and far exceeded our expectations. He had great knowledge of auctions, how they should work, and more importantly how to succeed in live auctions. We were so pleased with the results of his services, that we have retained him for our event next year. With Jim's services we raised over $113,000, a significant increase of last year.

“Thanks for the most successful Auction yet. We received so many rave reviews about your talents! People were begging for your name, number, email, etc. I cannot express how ENJOYABLE the evening was- just terrific! I truly believe it is a success when two things are accomplished- funds are raised (the obvious) and people enjoy themselves, whether bidding or not. Just to let you know, we are up about $70,000.00 from last year! Your talents opened peoples mouths with laughter, their hearts with joy and...their pocketbooks with money!”

“You are better than the BEST!!!...You made the evening entertaining. You helped people get into the spirit of the auction and I was thrilled that the live items went for much more than last are well worth the investment an on behalf of the Auction Committee, I thank you again for being part of our "Evening on the Bayou" and making the auction a success.”

“THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! I have had so many comments - guests who enjoyed your entertainment and professionalism! It all seemed to go so fast...”

“I have had the pleasure of working with Jim for several years. I found him to be consistently pleasant, an expert in the field, with dedication and a smile. Besides being a joy to work with, Jim is a person who is able to present creative ideas and communicate the benefits. He has successfully produced great results for our school that have resulted in increased revenue.”

You are without a doubt· the best auctioneer I have ever seen, period.

Wonderful job raising money for the American Cancer Association banquet over the weekend...I have never heard a crowd applaud after ever winning bid. You really know how to work an audience.”

“We've used Jim as our auctioneer for nine consecutive school dinner auctions. He's professional, easy to work with and very entertaining. If you want your school's charity auction "rolling in the dough" while he keeps your audience laughing, rolling in the aisles...then Jim is your best choice.”

If there was one single thing that really made the event, however, I would have to say that getting the auctioneer was it. He made the event professional, efficient and raised a lot more money than we probably would have if an amateur had done the auction. So, that's the one thing that I felt added the most value to the evening, and a happy customer is one who will return every year, so good going!”

“Jim Miller worked as the auctioneer for the Grand National Race Charity auction eight years. I find him to be punctual, conscientious, pleasant and a pleasure to work with. We auction the drivers talents for a quarter-scale automobile race, a true intangible. . . we use the stage and premises of a nationally recognized comedy venue for our event. Mr. Miller is attractive, entertaining and funny all the time that he is tapping into the available charity dollars in the audience. Without reservation, I recommend Jim Miller.”

“The crowds we attract range from 'the boys out golfing' to 'couples out at the country club' for a fund raising dinner. His knack to feel the crowd, sense the mood and make money for the cause is a gift. He has his own style of auctioneering. A combination of the traditional with a G.Q Pizzazz and a "stand-up" comedian flair. To watch him work is true entertainment. I'm smiling right now!”

“You get what you pay for...Jim is worth every penny and continues to be a big part of our fundraising efforts year after year...our net doubled in 3 years to over $100,000

“In my ten years as Principal...Jim has never let me down running our school auction! He is not only entertaining, but his personality and style contribute to our auction doing so well. He knows how to work the crowd...keeping them laughing while they bid higher! Everyone loves him and I look forward to Jim coming back every year!!”