The following clients have kindly agreed to serve as my professional references.  They receive no guidance on what they tell you nor do they receive any compensation or special consideration. 

These folks understand what you are going through as you consider working with me.  They have made the leap and can, I hope, help you to make an informed decision.  

I think you'll find this list to be a good cross-section of auction planners, Development Directors, enthusiasts and just good old fashioned hard working parent volunteers.

Thank you for your time and consideration. 

- Jim

(Indicates how long they've been a client)

Bill Lynch (New in 2018) NJ Conservation Foundation

Jesica Dolan (7 years) USO of Illinois

Katie Strandquist (5 years) Pritzker Military Museum & Library

Susan Tyburski (New in 2018) Elmhurst Memorial Hospital Foundation

Whitney Michel (2 years) Episcopal Charities

Bridget Brassil (5 years) DePaul University

Bobbi Goldman (6 years) Have Dreams

Dawn Kemper (6 years) Young at Heart Pet Rescue

Jenifer Vargo (9 years) Hospice of the Calumet Area

Laura Muriello (New in 2018) Wood Family Foundation

Christy Prassas (8 years) The Night Minsitry

Ed Hockfield (9 years) Little City Foundation

Deter Racine (12 years) Little Traverse Bay Humane Society 

Jennifer Djordjevic (10 years) Various Non Profit Organizations

Erika Markowitz (5 years) THANC Foundation
Sandy Shinner (6 years) Shattered Globe Theatre

Carol Shilson (9 years) Celiac Disease Center

Three Crowns Park Retirement (3 years) Lisa Dye

Julie Penner (10 Years) Lewis University