Social Networking for Non-Profits

Is your organization on Facebook?

Unless you've been living under a rock, chances are good you have at least heard the buzz word "Social Networking".  Facebook leads the way and is a good first step for most non-profits.

The next step is to put it to work for your  organization. Fundraising via Social Networks is an emerging niche so its best to get your feet wet and see which works best for your group.  I'm betting it becomes a part of your giving strategy sooner rather than later.  Especially for those targeting the Millennial Generation.

I'm seeing several successful approaches at this point.  Some just want a presence on Facebook to build contacts and get the word out about their organization.  Others want to monetize it right now.

It's free to be on Facebook, so it's hard to see a downside.  It's a simple way to keep donors and "friends" aware of your current campaigns and messages.  If having a well implemented Facebook presence extends the mission and message of your Cause even 1%, it's a win. 

Another great part of Facebook is that it allows third party "Applications" to be created, which can assist you in collecting donations from your Facebook "friends". 

Companies like help you create a fundraising page that can provide organization info and handle your donations. 

Then you can connect your Facebook page, via the application, to the Firstgiving page and invite friends who may not be aware of your group. Firstgiving charges a small fee to handle the processing, but it's a fair arrangement in my opinion.  Beyond setting up the initial page and telling your contacts about it, you have little else to do.

Here area few well done Facebook pages for non profits:

St. Marcus School

Susan G. Komen Chicago

ARC of Livingston County

Again, this stuff changes daily, but I like Facebook & Twitter, for now, as a best in breed today.