Auction Tip: Open your Live Auction with a Song

OK, I don't mean to literally open your Live Auction with a song, but rather take a cue from stage productions everywhere.  Great productions will often have a big opener to wake up the crowd, set the tone and grab everyone's attention immediately.  (Think Academy Awards)

Your Live Auction can benefit from a similar jolt to the senses.  Something that screams..."Hey, pay attention over here...we are selling super cool stuff you probably want!"

To get off on the right foot, open your Live Auction with an item with wide appeal and most guests can afford.

Don't confuse a good opener with "the hottest item in your auction"

If I'm working in Chicago, I open with 2 tickets to a Cubs Game. In many parts of the City, we have plenty of Cub's Fans.  Tickets are always desirable(even after 102 years of losing) and when I say "we have Cubs tickets for sale here" hands go in the air.

NOTE: If the tickets were for the "Cubs/Sox Crosstown Classic", we don't open with them because they are VERY hard to get and will likely sell for 3-5 times face value and therefor are financially out of range for most bidders.  Which is not the message we want to sell on item number one.